April 25, 2010

about love...


Drop a tear,
It releases the fear.
Feel her near,
and tell it to her ear 

Best Love Tips

You can bring flowers for your sweetheart for no reason at all. Call him/her at times when he/she least expects. You can buy household things and take it home. You can give him a call for no reason at all and make sure your smile when you are talking on the phone. Go out for dinners and then rock the dance floor. Go for a romantic destination and renew your love life. Cook a special meal for your sweetheart. You can write love poems, love messages, love quotes, love letters for your partner and surprise her. You can buy love gifts for your sweetheart. You can buy clothings, jewelery, wine bottles, lingerie for your partner. Try to be with your partner whenever he/she needs you. Kiss or hug your partner for no reason at all. Be more expressive and say the words, “I Love You” as often as possible. If you hurt your partner, promptly express your apologies and say sorry to your love
I'll love you to the end of years.

By William Butler Yeats
I had this thought a while ago,
"My darling cannot understand
What I have done, or what would do
In this blind bitter land."
And I grew weary of the sun
Until my thoughts cleared up again,
Remembering that the best I have done
Was done to make it plain;
That every year I have cried, "At length
My darling understands it all,
Because I have come into my strength,
And words obey my call;"
That had she done so who can say
What would have shaken from the sieve?
I might have thrown poor words away
And been content to live.

"Meniti arus perjalanan kehidupan"

Lihatlah alam yang terbentang luas ini,
Ia dipenuhi dengan cerita dan kebesaran Allah,
Alangkah indahnya kehidupan ini kerana Allah
meminjamkan sepasang mata untuk menghayati
ciptaanya yang maha agung,
perjalanan kehidupan ini adalah sementara dan
tidak di ketahui di manakah akhirnya sebuah perjalanan,
Ia hanyalah sementara,
sentiasa mencari erti sebuah perjalanan adalah perjuanganku

selamat datang to catatan

selamat datang to catatan
assalamualaikum dan salam sejahtera

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